About Us

DivaScribe magazine is a contemporary UK based Lifestyle magazine publication for women of colour. We have a distribution that spans 9 countries, and we are offered as a complimentary read on-board an international airline, Business & First Class lounges at Heathrow airport for flights to African, United Arab Emirates & Caribbean countries. Our regular staples in fashion, beauty, business tips, travel, relationship & more entertain, engage, inform and celebrate the Divinely Inspirational Vivaciously Astounding diva.

Each and every single DivaScribe reader is our pulse of life. Our reader is the cosmopolitan female, who is savvy and likes to have information at her finger-tips. With the increasing number of successful, professional, career driven women of colour in the UK, we provide relevant content, which reflects aspects of their life styles, nurtures their growth, mirrors their heritage and culture, celebrates their achievements and ignites their dreams.