Nicki Minaj Leaves Little 'For' The Imagination At The LIQUID Memorial Day bash in Las Vegas

Started On :: 26/05/2014 - Ended On :: 26/06/2014

Since she pared the neon colours and crazy wigs down a notch, Nicki Minaj has allowed glimpses of her natural beauty to be seen by her millions of fans on her Instagram pages, and most recently rocking a more conservative look (by her standards)  at events.

Miss Minaj sure is wowing fashionistas as she works the dramatic turn-around from trashy *Oops*  to classy.

Yep, still oozing sultry sexiness from every pore, we just love how she manages to make the demure look just that tad bit over the top without being too in your face.

Spotted at The LIQUID Memorial Day bash in Las Vegas, the 31 year old diva definitely wowed on the red carpet. #DivaLoves.