Black Secret Makeup Launch Ė London ...Shh! Donít Tell Itís Just Between UsÖOK?

Started On :: 18-04-2015 - Ended On :: 18-05-2015



I have taken a pretty cynical view when it comes to finding the right makeup for me, especially when it comes to foundations which are the holy grail of makeup. - get it wrong and you are utterly screwed. In utter desperation to find the perfect hue for my chocolate brown skin tone - yours truly resorted to investing in two different brands to get me my perfect shade by mixing two liquid foundations! You should really see the state of my dressing table on a night out...not a pretty sight I tell you - though the end result is utterly ravishing (even if I say so myself), but the work involved makes me dread the prep :-(.


Now, picture my less than welcoming countenance when I heard about the launch of a new mineral beauty brand Black Secret for women of colour in London... yeah here comes another makeup brand with its greedy coffers trying to lure me away from my hard earned dough! Nope, you ain't having my money mate - I thought. But my interest was seriously piqued when I discovered that the brand itself [Black Secret] was an international import from Ghana [West Africa] no less, founded by Bernard Kingsley Annoh. What does a man know about makeup anyway I pondered?  Hun, I had to go check this one out. They may have unveiled a secret that has so far eluded all these major beauty brands that have so far milked me dry with no worthy return on my investment in them. Attendance added onto my to do list - RSVP pronto!


Launch day 16-04-2015..played it casual and trotted off to Chelsea no less - to The Hollywood Arms where one of my fave TV reality series Made In Chelsea [MIC] is sometimes filmed (had to drop that little bit in :-)). I registered and sauntered over to the counter where the brands full range was displayed, and boy did I abuse the wet wipes that the organisers of the launch had conveniently left for the doubters like me to use to conduct our potential scientific experiments. Squirt, press, smooth, dab, remove, reapply, and start all over again, that was the name of the game. In my feverish attempt to disprove the worthiness of this brand I stood guard on that counter and soon started helping other ladies find their own Black Secret... I think I have missed my true calling in life :-).

(L-R : Lekia Lee (Presenter & Producer Kouture Afrika, Founder Black Secret:
Bernard Kingsley Annoh, Guest: Ms Iwenofu)

Suffice to say that after my Inspector Clusoe shenanigans (or is it Miss Marple?), literally everyone that attended (OBVs the female attendees) absolutely fell in-love with Black Secret. Yep, there is a new lush, worthy, does what it says on the packaging secret after all from Africa. My only worry now is that demand doesn't see the prices sky rocket, so go easy girls, let's not make them feel too special. If it does go up, we will start a petition or possible revolt :-).

(Chantelle Simone Graham : Official UK Distributor 

London, UK... Black Secret has landed! Shop easy here and keep updated on their promised once a month beauty indulgence at The Hollywood Arms…


Range consists of:


Liquid Foundation, Crème To Powder Foundation, Invisible Face Powder, Loose Powder, Pressed Powder, Two-Way Foundation and a soft as cotton makeup brushes  plus Duo Blusher.


A vast arrays of Lip Glosses, Lip Balms, Lipstick in truly lush hues


Colours that pop and define in Blue, Clear & Black plus a Duo Definition Liner and an Eyeshadow Palette that screams ‘have me’.


By LuRae Iwenofu