Uni Lag Fashion Week DIVAS!

Started On :: 10/06/2012 - Ended On :: 10/07/2012

DivaScribe (top centre - Katrina Anyanwu -Nigerian correspondent) attends the Press Launch for Uni Lag Fashion Week! An amazing event with a room filled with fashionistas networking, having a ball and buzzing about all things fashion related – I am definitely not leaving out that we imbibed in champers and other divalicious beverages that made tongues a mite loser *winks*.

The host Naomi Keshinro looked divine in one of her own creations from her “Kona All Fashion Line.” Sporting a lovely white bodycon dress with a splash of coral, she teamed it with coral heels and silver jewellery (see pic below).

As DivaScribe circulated the room we got chatting with Catherine a “City People” reporter. “City People” is a well-known magazine in Nigeria delivering extensive pages of fashion, beauty and lifestyle news. So I began by asking her a few questions about the Nigerian fashion industry.

Trina (DS): What do you think about the Nigerian fashion industry?

Catherine: The fashion industry here is continuously evolving, with previous events such as Arise Fashion Week Nigeria has been placed on the fashion map.

Trina (DS): Do you feel there is room for improvement?

Catherine: Very much so!  The fashion industry is a big market and there is a lot of room for new designers and magazines to express their love for fashion.

Trina(DS): Really? So do you feel there is room for DivaScribe in Nigeria?

Catherine: Yes. There are upcoming fashion magazines but not all have the same flair or perception for fashion. Having a British magazine in Nigeria will help the industry and direct others. However, in this industry you need to know people if you want to be successful as a designer.

Trina (DS): Wow thanks! So what do you think of Uni Lag Fashion week?

Catherine: I’m very much in favour of this show; Naomi is taking a brand and making a positive step into the Nigerian Fashion industry and hopefully this event will be successful in doing this.

Being that the guests at the launch were all fashion lovers like myself I took the opportunity to check out what the guests and company were decked out in. Catherine (below pic) wearing a black shrug and blue maxi from a boutique. She jazzed up the dark hues with blue, pink and gold bangles.  Whilst talking to Catherine I noticed her friend Yemisi looked pretty hot to trot too.

Yemisi wore a high-waisted mustard coloured palazzo pants, with a black elbow length , scalloped necked body suit. Channelling Kourtney Kardashian with the scraped back hair knotted into a bun with a yellow and black hair piece at the top! She reminded me of a weird Ballerina *winks*. The minimal affection of jewellery pulled a winner’s punch, and showed that the less is more rule of thumb works if applied correctly.

Below are some of the gluttonous treats that we indulged in, all in all the fashion night out was a success and DivaScribe was a proud sponsor. See you all in Nigeria in November 2012 for a week of amazing fashion & entertainment!