DS On The Prowl - Last Flight To Abuja Premiere!

Started On :: 18/06/2012 - Ended On :: 30/07/2012

It was an exciting evening, packed to the brim with celebrities and notable dignitaries at the TROXY Limehouse, London, UK on Friday 8th June 2012. The much hyped [justifiably so] worldwide premiere of the movie ‘Last Flight To Abuja’, finally got it’s viewing by many and yours truly [DivaScribe] was there.

With the recent air disasters [Ghana & Nigeria], the timing of the movie and its subject matter could not have been more relevant or important. Adding extra poignancy to the message of the movie was that we got to see and live the lives of the main characters whose lives we watched unfold on screen, and at the end of the movie the credits also included the names of those that passed in the afore mentioned air disasters.

It gave a befitting pause for thought as it brought home – that these were actual lives that were lost [someone’s son, daughter, niece, father, mother, uncle ….]. Giving the audience that window to enter the lives of the movies characters – heightened that palpable feeling that it could have been you or someone in your live whose life could have been lost. The suspense and tension generated within the theatre’s viewing audience as disaster struck mid-air was so high that the drop of a pin would have been audible.

The movie “Last Flight To Abuja” had been a long held and nourished project of maverick director Obi Emelonye, who gave us the blockbuster hit “Mirror Boy”. The propelling factor behind the making of the movie [Last Flight To Abuja’ was borne out of Mr Emelonye’s desire to honour the lives of those that had passed in another air disaster in Nigeria 2006. Giving credit to the trail blazer Emelonye, his crew and cast– the Nollywood movie industry has successfully shown that West Africa has got what it takes to tap into the genre of action movies with realistic special effects and gripping storylines. The story lines, retrospective editing, and brilliant casting has set the standard bar high. Could it compete with the block buster churning machine that is Hollywood? You can bet your last ‘dime’ that it could.

Delving into the movie’s storylines a bit more, as most know – having the right actor or actress to bring a character to life is at the core of its success. Jim Iyke – the Nollywood hunk with the mischievous cheeky twinkle in his eye – showed that his acting kudos went far beyond the light hearted and often predictive roles [story lines/dialogue] that he had taken up in the past.

A definite successful career in the movie industry [outside of Nigeria/West Africa] is a forgone conclusion. His holding back in previous roles that we have seen, may in part be due to the fact that his acting chops may have overshadowed past screen partners or that he never worked with the right director. Playing the role of David – the high flying business executive, Iyke brought a sense of vulnerability, compassion and dare I say comedy [his sweet albeit funny attempt at chatting up his flight companion Suzie (Omotola)] – there was potential romance brewing on air. Well he doesn’t need to over-exert himself in real life as the ladies will be swooning, we can only but help by forming an orderly queue divas.

Now Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde, what can you say? [rhetoric], this diva has got screen presence in a shipload of bankable currency signs.

She played Suzie - a high flying career minded sister who kept her game ship shape, but maybe to the detriment of her love life. In a scene in the movie where she caught out her cheating boyfriend – it almost [note almost] made one wish that you could be in the same situation – she was coolness personified, when most would have been digging their talons into the culprits eyes [you MUST watch this movie]. Very relatable to sisters- whom have had a similar experience – albeit without her on screen restraint. Stunningly beautiful, smart, and knowing who she is and where she is going – she is one that we should all be keeping our eyes on. Her career is definitely transcending boundaries at the speed of light.

As the viewing audience was gripped with the suspense of the looming disaster, Hakeem Kae-Kazim who brilliantly played the role of Mr Adesola, elicited in many the involuntary desire to add an acting credit under their existing 9-5 titles. There was a strong urge to jump into the screen and force him into taking the brace position as the other passengers were.

Without giving too much away, he was a man that welcomed his death as he felt that he had nothing to live for. There were dodgy business dealings, blackmail, a missing ID card, an accidental death and a possible jail term…..was this enough for him not to want to survive? You have to watch and decide.

Oh and might I add about the husband who narrowly escaped a possible death? How was his fate changed? Well suffice to say many lying husbands who go on fabricated business trips or seminars would think twice before doing so now. And on a lighter note – we loved the little girl who told her daddy not to go away. You couldn’t see a ‘smugger’, cute ‘I told you so’ look on screen if you tried.

Definitely a must see movie, we are looking forward to its cinema release date 29th June 2012. On 14 screens across London!

Odeon – Greenwich, Surrey Quays, Streatham, Lee Valley, Holloway Rd

Vue - Croydon, Wood Green, Dagenham, Thurrock, 

Hackney Picturehouse, Stratford Picturehouse, Brixton Ritzy

Showcase - Beckton (TBC)

Peckham Plex (TBC)



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