Started On :: 18/11/2012 - Ended On :: 18/12/2012

A host of industry professionals and acquaintances graced London's prestigious British Film Institute (BFI) Southbank venue on Friday 10th November 2012 for the hugely anticipated Industry Screening of KUNLE AFOLAYAN's smash hit movie PHONE SWAP.

'OHBOX PRESENTS’ and OH FILMS successfully hosted the first screening of critically acclaimed film in London in conjunction with NEW NIGERIA CINEMA by attracting a large number of guests from the theatre, entertainment and film industry. Award winning film director KUNLE AFOLAYAN and lead star WALE OJO were joined by a crowd of well wishers, industry professionals and fellow film buffs such as Nollywood actress KIKI OMELI, _Shattered Hearts_ stars FATIMA JABBE and THEODORA IBEKWE, _Maami_ Film Director TUNDE KELANI, British Born actor WILL JOHNSON, CEO of OHTV MR AKIN SALAMI, CEO of BEN TV ALISTAIR SOYODE and many more.

As many anticipated, the event was indeed well attended with over 400 plus attendees who packed the BFI auditorium to full capacity. Following massive success with star studded premiers in Lagos, Abuja, and Accra earlier this year, Phone Swap was tipped to do exceedingly well with the British and diasporal audience. This preview screening was in actual fact organised in partnership with OH Africa to set the bar, and promotion of the film and get the ball of excitement rolling with the international audience.

Lead actor of _Phone Swap_ Wale Ojo commented, "It was great working with all the cast and the talented director Kunle. Having the screening at the BFI is great; BFI is the home of film and the London film festival. You have all types of films here from Hollywood to Bollywood, so I'm really excited it is being screened here. The audience reaction was fantastic I loved it. We showed it in Nigeria and Nigerians are always a great audience. But then it's interesting to see the reaction over here. People were blowing with laughter, it was great to see that."

OH FILMS, a subsidiary of OHTV partnered with filmmaker Kunle Afolayan in a joint effort to bring _Phone Swap_ to an international audience and promote it on a wider scale. OH FILM has a mission to collaborate with talented filmmakers and also hold an active role in the promotion of smart commercial films on a global level. Speaking of his excitement of the event and the collaboration with OH FILMS, director Kunle Afolayan said; "I'm excited because the turnout was great and I'm glad because the people have related so well to the film. It's great to have companies like OH Africa on board. Distribution of African films is a major challenge, so we can now have that sorted and be able to focus on creativity and making great films. So I'm very excited."

The aim of OH Films is to work closely with distributing partners and assume responsibility for generating talent and the development process of quality movies. Founded in 2010, OH Films specialises in the creation and progression of premium entertainment content and partnering directly with leading creative talent. "What it means for us to have the film here is the fact that it needs to be brought to a broader audience. African cinema is world cinema and we want as many people as possible to see African films. I want people from all over to enjoy great stories such as this. The BFI have screened all the great films so why not. OH FILMS have decided to create the best place for African films and want to continue collaborating with filmmakers. _Phone Swap_ is one of the best to come out of Africa so for us it was a no brainer. We will be releasing it globally over the next few months." said Patrick Campbell, Creative Director of the OHTV Network.

Undoubtedly the Industry screening proved to be a terrific success with many guests who were thoroughly entertained by the film's ingenious comedic scenes and clever storyline. Following the screening a Q&A session with Director Kunle Afolayan and lead actor Wale Ojo took place. Guests were then treated to a drinks reception and a selection of tasty nibbles and treats provided by _Naija Bites_ star chef Busola Ajibade.



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