Started On :: 01/01/2014 - Ended On :: 01/03/2014




The Africa Channel are pleased to present a brand new series of African Masters: Rising Stars (an Africa Channel Production). With in-depth exclusive access to some of the world’s most collectable artists, The Africa Channel (Sky 209, Virgin 828) returns with the second series of the popular arts documentary, African Masters: Rising Stars. A new Africa is emerging, growing in wealth and influence; its contemporary artists are gaining increasing recognition.  In its first series, African Masters lifted the lid on the contribution of Africa’s artists to global contemporary art.  African Masters: Rising Stars seeks out the emerging talent of some the region’s burgeoning art scenes across four countries; Angola, Ivory Coast, Tanzania and Ethiopia.Each 30 minute episode contains intimate interviews and revealing stories around emerging artists; reflecting on their art, inspiration and methods - blowing away preconceptions. This visually stunning exploration of Africa’s art scene includes its latest success story, Angola’s 2013 triumph at the Venice Biennale where it won the Golden Lion award; the art world’s highest international accolade.  


Aida Muluneh

Episode 1: Angola TX 25th February 2014, 9pm

Not the Angola of public perception – in fact its capital Luanda is currently the world’s most expensive city. We meet the curator of the Venice Biennale-winning pavilion and find out why the art scene is exploding now.  We are introduced to the work of Paulo Kapela, Antonio Ole, Bindelde Hyrcan and of course Edson Chagas, the name of the moment as the main contributor to the winning Venice pavilion.


Antonio Oleh


Episode 2: Cote D’Ivoire TX 4th March 2014, 9pm

Abidjan is the cultural hub of a country not well known for contemporary art. It is the birthplace of the “Nouchi” childlike style of self-taught Frédéric Bruly Bouabré, now 90 years old and inspiring a new generation of artists. Our studio sessions see intimate portraits of Paul Sika (“Multimedia  prodigy” – NY Times), and Francois-Xavier Gbré, both blazing a surprising digital future for West Africa.

Paul Sika

Episode 3: Tanzania TX 11th March 2014, 9pm

Tanzania’s story is quite different from that of other countries – we don’t see the promotion of the arts by wealthy patrons; rather as a tourist attraction based around the Tingatinga format.  We meet the artists continuing this style, including Mohamed Charinda. Jan van Esch, Director of the Nafasi Art Space introduces emerging young artists such as Rehema Chachage, and we meet architect turned painter Nadir Tharani.


Edson Chagas

Episode 4: Ethiopia TX 18th March 2014, 9pm

Africa’s oldest independent nation has a contemporary art scene to match. We meet Desta Hagos, the first Ethiopian woman ever to stage a solo art exhibition; Elias Sime who designed and sculpted the Zoma Contemporary Art Centre in Addis Ababa and Ephrem Solomon, a hotly tipped artist. Shot on location in their studios, galleries and on the streets from which they take inspiration; the viewer is rewarded with a unique insight into how these works are created. Discussing the challenges and rewards of working on the cutting edge art scene, African Masters: Rising Stars is the first ever TV programme to explore these themes. The series was produced by Africa Channel Productions, shot in HD featuring a talented production team.