SOME THINGS: Film Trailer, Press Night & VIP Screening At The BAFTA

Started On :: 07/01/2014 - Ended On :: 07/02/2014

 Award Winner Fredi ‘Kruga’ Nwaka to screen another hit at BAFTA.

Based on a true story, Fredi ‘Kruga’ Nwaka’s latest film ‘Some Things’ is a thought provoking production that reminds us of recent media scandals and issues surrounding child abuse cases and allegations. The gripping storyline explores individual experiences and revelations surrounding child abuse in Black and Asian communities.

The edgy and gritty film draws on a 15 year old girl’s experiences and her ordeal and suffering through child abuse. It dramatically conveys the effects and catastrophic damage on the family and gives a constant reminder to the viewer that child abuse usually involves more than one victim.

Whilst researching for the project, research conducted by Nwaka and his team at Gridloc Films unveiled a number of harrowing tales through conversations within the Afro Caribbean and Asian communities. These common issues and key themes have been included in the script for his film.

Nwaka says “Child sex abuse appears to be a topic that has been swept under the rug for way too long. We just don't talk about in our community and in many cases aren't allowed to talk about, yet we all know it happens. I wrote this film for the victims who don’t have a voice”.

There will also be a book signing by Chris Tuck (Author of 'Through the Eyes of a Child’) as well as testimonies from survivors of childhood sex abuse.


·     Fredi Nwaka’s last production ‘If Only’ looks at the impact of youth and gangs in society today, earning him a 2013 BEFFTA Award as Best Script Writer & Screen Play Writer and an award nominee as Best Director & Best Short Film. IF ONLY also won the Best online community film award.


·       Fredi Nwaka has continuously given back to his community through many projects, including his organisation ‘Fathers Together’ which offers fathers support and advice on gaining access to their children.


·    Fredi Nwaka is also the founder of (C.R.I.M.E )  a voluntary scheme aimed at taking troubled young people, gang members and ex-offenders .